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World Conqueror 4 - Tutorial
The game consists of 'Scenario', 'Conquest' and 'Domination' three modes. HQ (Headquarters) and other auxiliary functions are also included.
1. HQ(Headquarters)
HQ mainly consists of 'General', 'Technology', 'Legion', 'Landmark' and 'Wonder' the five parts. 'General', 'Technology' and 'Legion' are the parts that player often used in the game process. 'Landmark' and 'Wonder' are mainly used for collection and display.
1.1 General
The generals are one of the most important component of the game, different generals can bring player different combat effectiveness. At the same time, the number of generals that a player can have will increase as the HQ level increases. Player may have at most 12 regular generals and three marshals which could only purchased by real money.
The general quality is divided into: gold, silver, bronze three categories. More generals can be purchased when HQ level increases.
After getting a famous general, player can also spend medals to train him. Generals' main abilities are divided into Infantry, Artillery, Armor, Navy, Air Force and Marching. The empty stars represent the limit of that ability.
Different generals have different skills according to their abilities. They can learn other skills to increase their combat ability. The number of skills that be learned depends on the general quality.
Some abilities and skills need to be unlocked by occupying the hidden points in the campaigns. There is a important difference between skill and ability. Not all the abilities can be upgraded to the highest level, but the skills can be all upgraded to level 5.
Generals can be enhanced by promote them or upgrade their military rank, so that player can increase their units' HP by assigning their generals on the troops.
After achieving some accomplishments, player will get random medals for the generals. Wearing specific medals will improve the corresponding skills of that general.
Player can dismiss the general when they don't need him any more. Eighty percent of the medal will be refunded.
1.2 Technology
Studying different technologies can improve the combat capability of different units. Player need to choose what technology to upgrade carefully, because of the less resources in the early game.
1.3 Legion
Troops can be hired in Legion mode to enter the battles in Domination. The troops' types depends on the HQ level. More advanced units player can hire, easier the fight will be.
1.4 Landmark
Player can know the function of different landmarks, and see if they are unlocked or not.
1.5 Wonder
Player can know the function of different wonders, and see if they are unlocked or not.
2. Game Mode
The game is divided into 'Scenario', 'Conquest' and 'Domination' three modes.
2.1 Scenario
The scenario mode consists of tutorials (optional) and mainline campaigns. Mainline campaigns are mainly adapted from the classic campaigns and other events during World War II. Player can get a real war experience in it.
Player can be familiar with the basic operation of the game battle through the tutorial, and get rewards after finish it. Of course, player can also skip the tutorial and start playing directly from the main campaigns.
There are two levels of difficulty, normal and difficult, in all main campaigns. Player can unlock difficult level only after finishing the normal level. Difficulty of the difficult level is much more higher than the normal one. Only with very strong troops or superior skill player can complete the level smoothly.
2.2 Conquest
There are 4 different levels of conquest for player to choose in conquest mode. Conquest mode level will be unlocked by completing corresponding chapter in scenario mode.
Player can choose one of the participating countries to play the game. Countries are divided into three levels of stars according to the different strength and size. It will make the game more difficult if you choose a weak country with little stars. However, the reward will be much more than choosing a country with 3 stars.
2.3 The Frontier Mode
There are 10 Chapters in this mode, with each chapter containing 3-4 campaigns, and each campaign containing around 6 levels. Players can choose some buff after finishing each level, and this buff can be used in this campaign. By finishing the whole level, players can gain in-game resources.
2.4 Domination
Domination mode is mainly composed of tasks, invasion, trade, exercise battles, challenges, campaigns of famous generals and construction of wonders. After completing some contents in domination mode, player will receive certain resources and monetary rewards. When the achievements are completed, player would be rewarded much more.
Mission: Mission mode is a daily task, refresh different missions for the player to complete by assigning enough number of generals. Ability, skill and military rank are need to get better reward in the mission. Each meet one of the conditions, the reward will be increased by 50%. When the player has completed enough number of missions, they can also receive general medals in the achievements interface.
Invasion: Invasion mode is a battle with only one kind of units. And player could only assign one general into the battle. So that a good general is the key to win.
Once into the invasion, player need to deploy their own units according to the situation in each specific battle. Click the button on the lower right corner of the screen to start a battle. Player can spend resources to hire these units in legion mode.
After the battle is over, surviving units will be returned to your HQ. To reduce the resource consumption caused by fighting, player need to reduce casualties first.
Trade: Resources can be replaced with other kinds. Player can choose the necessary resources for trading according to their own needs.
Exercises: Need to deploy the units. Complete the exercise to get medal reward. Also, some landmarks will be unlocked by clearing specific exercises.
Challenge: There are four different kinds of challenges with different winning conditions. No need to deploy the units, it is like a more challenging small level.
Legend general: When the player completes the first campaign corresponding to a legend general, his right of purchase will be unlocked. After the player completes more campaigns corresponding to the generals, his price will be discounted at 40% at most.
Construction of wonders: After clearing specific scenario and challenges, player could get the drawing corresponding to the wonder. With these drawings, player can spend resources to build them. These wonders will provide many unexpected benefits.
3. Others
3.1 Achievements
Player can get medal reward and general medals used to enhance the generals' skill, when he complete the achievements. It is recommended to check the progress of achievements more often.
3.2 Help
Player can read some tips to help understand the game and pay more attation to the things need to know.
3.3 Battle Pass
Players now can earn the points by finishing the specified missions in-game to get relevant resource items.
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