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Great Conqueror: Rome - Graphic Tutorial
Updated Time: 2019-10-25

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The game mainly consists of three modes: Campaign, Conquest, and Senate, supported with cloud archives and other functions.
Table of Contents
1. Campaign
The campaign mainly includes Gener
al, Inventory, Shop and Campaign levels.
1.1 Campaign levels
The campaign levels is adapted from many historical classic battles and other events. Players can experience the most real war in the level. The button in the upper left corner can switch the camp, and it will be active when the player clears all the main line levels in the current chapter.
In addition, some levels can choose the offensive route, and each route can clear the level.
1.2 Generals
Generals are one of the most important components of the game. Various generals promote different game experiences. The general slot will increase with the level of your senate. You can have up to 11 common generals, 3 in-app purchase generals and 1 commander at most.
General quality is divided into three categories: gold, silver and copper.
The main capabilities of the general can be divided into infantry capability, cavalry capability, archer capability, and navy capability.
The general capability value represents the current value and the maximum value they can reach, and the capability points can be obtained by increasing the general’s level. Different generals also have different talents and skills depending on their capabilities. (Note: A general may major in one ability and minor in another. Dismissing a general will return 95% of medals. The higher the capability value is, the more capability points will be consumed. You cannot raise all the capability value of a general to the max, even when this general reaches the max level. You can spend 5,000 gold coins to reset the capability points.)
Consuming medals can upgrade general’s rank. The upgrade can improve the combat effectiveness of the legion, reduce the recruitment round restrictions, and raise the upper limit of the Legion that can be recruited. (Note: Generals of different qualities spend the same amount of medals to upgrade their ranks.)
This game reproduces the Commander of World Conqueror 3, players can freely match skills and capability values to create the strongest general. (Note: All the capability value and skills can be reset; one of each skill scroll will be given initially; the skill scroll is not returned when the skill is deleted.)
There are two types of equipment positions for the generals, one for equipment and the other for banners. The access method will be mentioned later.
1.3 Inventory
In the Inventory interface, you can view the items you already have, including equipment, banners, and skill scrolls. (Note: Some equipment needs to meet the rank requirements to be used)
1.4 Shop
Players can purchase gold coins, skill scrolls, and equipment in Shop. (Note: The Shop refresh time is 10 minutes, and the countdown starts when the player opens the Shop.)
Gold coins can no longer be purchased after it exceeds the upper limit, and the upper limit will increase as the Senate level rises. The upper limit of Senate level 1-10 is 29999 gold coins, and level 11-20 is 59999, and level 20-30 is 99999.
Some precious equipment requires medals to buy; it has only one and cannot be sold. The number of items in Shop will increase with the level of the Senate.
Item name Effect Rank require Price
Golden Spear Attack +24. Rate of critical strike +15% Marshal 435 medals
Pharaoh's Scepter Deal no damage to our units when the grid is on fire General 65 medals
Laurel Crown Morale of the legion is always high Marshal 215 medals
Military Map Mobility +3 when marching General 185 medals
Fasces of Power 15% chance to increase defense by 100% when fighting General 120 medals
Gallic War Not negatively affected by terrain when marching General 165 medals
Consul's Scepter Attack of legions in the surrounding 1 grids +15% Consul 500 medals
Augustus Helmet Defense +12, health of all units in the legion+18% Consul 425 medals
Dragon's Shield Health of all units in the legion +25 Marshal 375 medals
Leather Armor Defense + 3 No limit 1500 gold
Mail Armor Defense + 5 No limit 3000 gold
Scale Armor Defense + 7 No limit 4500 gold
Round Shield Health of all units in the legion +9% No limit 2100 gold
Auxiliary Shield Health of all units in the legion +12% No limit 4200 gold
Centurion Shield Health of all units in the legion +15% No limit 6300 gold
Gladius Attack +6 No limit 1800 gold
Mainz Gladius Attack +10 No limit 3600 gold
Pompeii Gladius Attack +15 No limit 5400 gold
Javelin Rate of critical attack +5% No limit 1650 gold
Pilum Rate of critical attack +10% No limit 3300 gold
Crossbow Rate of critical attack +15% No limit 4950 gold
Gold Ring 50% chance to increase morale when attacking the enemy No limit 8400 gold
Caligae Mobility +1 No limit 1200 gold
Cartage Mobility +2 No limit 4500 gold
History of Rome Gain double rewards from missions of the senate No limit achievement
African Conqueror Uniform Attack of both navy in the grid and surrounding {2} grids + 15%
(It does not overlap with the same effect buff.)
No limit achievement
Gaul Conqueror Uniform Attack of both infantry in the grid and surrounding {2} grids + 15%
(It does not overlap with the same effect buff.)
No limit Mystery Store
Asian Conqueror Uniform Attack of both cavalry in the grid and surrounding {2} grids + 15%
(It does not overlap with the same effect buff.)
No limit Mystery Store
Germanic Conqueror Uniform Attack of both archer in the grid and surrounding {2} grids + 15%
(It does not overlap with the same effect buff.)
No limit Mystery Store
Aeneid Increase mission number by 2 No limit achievement
Banners can be obtained through the achievement system, which can make the general skills +1
Banner name Affected skills Upgraded Level Achieving conditions
Banner of Eagle “March” “ Shield Wall” +1 Complete 20 missions
Banner of Pegasus “Street Fighting” “ Plain Fighting” +1 Gain a rate of Ⅲ in 1st conquest
Banner of Goddess “Mountain Fighting” “ Jungle Fighting” +1 Gain a rate of Ⅲ in 2nd conquest
Banner of Honor “Torch” “ Destroy” +1 Complete 1 mission
Banner of Lark “Hide” “ Counterattack” +1 Complete 5 missions
Banner of Titan “Siege” “ Tunnel” “ Rain of Arrow” +1 Complete 40 missions
Banner of Scorpio “Formation” “ Breakthrough” “ Marksman” +1 Complete 10 missions
Banner of Thunder “Roar” “ Assault” “ Advantage” “ Sailor” +1 Gain a rate of Ⅲ in 4th conquest
Banner of Hero “Ambush” “ Guerrilla” “ Helmsman” +1 Complete 100 missions
Banner of Lion “Intercept” “ Charge” “ Accuracy” +1 Gain a rate of Ⅲ in 3rd conquest
Banner of Sun “Infantry Commander” “ Cavalry Commander”
“ Archer Commander” “ Navy Commander”
+1 Complete 150 missions
Banner of Triumph “Raid” “ Escort” “ Besiege” +1 Complete 65 missions
Banner of Chaos All current skills +1 Mystery store purchase
2. Conquest
The conquest mode currently has four different eras; players can choose different countries to conquer the world. (Note: The first conquest is enabled by default, and the new conquest will be available when you finish the first conquest with any country.)
The countries are divided into 1, 2, and 3 stars according to the strength and scale. The lower the number of stars, the weaker the initial strength, but after the victory, you will get more points and rewards. The conquest mode has a maximum of 300 rounds and can use up to 8 generals. (Note: If not all enemy forces are destroyed within 300 rounds, the conquest will fail. Do not fall short because of the restrictions on the round. You can get medals reward first time you win the conquest with each country; when you use the same country to win the second or more time, you can only get the gold coins for reward.Some one-star countries have hard difficulty and extremely hard difficulty.)
After zooming out of the map, press the camp button in the lower left corner to switch the view. The enemy and our camps are divided into red and blue sides, and the situation is clear at a glance.
In addition to some basic operations, players mainly have 3 function buttons to use in conquest: strategy button, diplomacy button and national technology button.
2.1 National Technology
Upgrading national technology requires consumption of culture points, and need to wait for a certain number of rounds. Every technology may determine the success or failure of conquest. Different countries have different kinds of national technology.
City Planning: Costs -12% when building or upgrading cities
Shipyard Extension: Legions recover extra +3% in ports with an extended shipyard
Great Temple: Legions recover extra +3% in cities with a temple
Legal System: Lower the influence of belligerence level 1 to economic output
Fireguard: The duration round of our cities on fire -1
Advanced Battering Ram: Deal more damage to enemy's city defense
Advanced Siege Tower: Deal more damage to garrisons in the city
Engineering: Recover extra +3% city defense
Irrigation: Offer economy +10 per mint
Concrete Wall: City defense can be repaired even with enemy around the city
Fire Ballista: Able to fire flaming arrows after improved
Fire Catapult: Able to fire flaming rocks after improved
Imperial Guard: Maximum troop number +20
Elite Archer: Costs -10% when recruiting archers
Military Reform: The longest rounds reduce to 2 when legions enlist units
Chain Armor: Level of newly-assembled infantry legion increases to 2
Watchtower: View of all cities increases by 1 grid
Pillage: 10% chance to gain resources after occupying the enemy's urban centers
Drainage System: Lower the influence of belligerence level 1 to industrial output
Cavalry Tactics: Costs -10% when recruiting cavalry
Crane Mechanics: City building or upgrading can be done immediately
Trade Route: Gain extra economic output per round, the number of which is six times than that of cities
Poetry: Offer culture +2 per library
Hunting: Level of newly-assembled archer legion increases to 2
Astronomy: Lower the influence of belligerence level 1 to cultural output
Tribal Totem: Legions recover +5% in urban centers
Disciple: Our legions will never fall into chaos
Academy: Gain extra cultural output per round , the number of which is two times than that of cities
Metallurgy: Offer industry +5 per quarry
Strategic Movement: Mobility +1 when marching with all legions
War Horn: Level of newly-assembled cavalry legion increases to 2
Philosopher: The required rounds of researching -1
Consul: Able to use all consul tactics
Professional Soldier: Costs -10% when recruiting infantry
Ram: Attack +10% after the troopship is equipped with a ram
Governor: Able to use all governor tactics
2.2 Strategy
Five strategies can be used initially. Upgrading the National Technology “Governor” and “Consul” can unlock all strategies. Using a strategy requires consumption of culture points. (Note: Only one strategy can be used for the same target within one round.)
When National Technology “Governor”is unlocked:
Spy: Send spies and cause riots, Keep the city unproductive for 3 rounds.
Plague: Spread plague to designated city areas. Legions in plague zone health -5% per round. Last 3 rounds.
Forced March: A second chance to operate the legions that have moved.
When National Technology “Consul” is unlocked :
Olympic: Adjust belligerence level of the country to level 1 (peace). Last 3 rounds.
Martial Law: The enemy cannot use any tactics against any city of yours that is under martial law. Last 2 rounds.
2.3 Diplomacy
Players can use diplomacy to speed up friendly forces or slow down enemy forces to participate in the war. You can also send resources to assist the friendly forces who have already participated in the war, and draw neutral countries over to your camp.
2.4 City Construction
Compared with the previous games, this time the city construction has a higher degree of freedom. Players can build the city according to their own needs. (Note: Each urban area can only choose to build one annex building; the annex buildings can be demolished and 50% of the resources returned; only one annex building with the same function can be built in the entire city circle; the annex buildings can only be built adjacent to the existing urban center.)
2.5 Others
In order to reduce the frequent operation of players, the specified target point function is added. Players only need to set a target point for the legion, and the AI will automatically move without the player's operation. (Note: The target point can be canceled during the movement.)
In order to prevent the infinite release of troops in the late period of a conquest, this game has a setting of belligerence level. A different proportion of the population will result in different income per round.
Belligerence level Population Proportion* Output ratio
Peaceful 40% 120%
Defensive 60% 100%
Aggressive 80% 70%
Crazy 100% 30%
*Population Proportion: Current population/ Maximum population

3. Senate
The main functions of the Senate include daily missions, unit tactics, urban areas upgrading, and Expedition mode.
3.1 Daily missions
Different missions are refreshed every day. Each mission requires different ability values, skills, and ranks. It needs to meet the requirements of the generals level and quantity before the mission can be performed. (Note: It takes 12 hours for the missions to refresh; Players who have the item “History of Rome” can get double rewards. The reward list column already shows the final number.)
3.2 Unit tactics
After upgrading the corresponding building, you can get the tactical training times, which can be used to strengthen the units. When the building upgrade one level, you can get one training time. The attack, defense, health, mobility and tactics limit of different units may be different.(Note: The unit tactics could be reset , but does not return gold coins spent on previous upgrades.)
3.3 Upgrade buildings
Pantheon: Decrease economic consumption during the battle
Workshop: Decrease industrial consumption during the battle
Library: Decrease cultural consumption during the battle
Barracks: Train infantry to increase all infantry units' capacity
The Town Hall: Increase the number of missions offered by the Senate
Colosseum: Train cavalry to increase all cavalry units' capacity
Port: Train navy to increase all navy units' capacity
Triumphal Arch: Decrease time required for missions
Field of Mars: Train archer to increase all archer units' capacity
Amphitheater: Increase the general's experience gained from the battle
Senate building Senate level require Effect
The Town Hall 1 0 Number of missions 1
The Town Hall 2 2 Number of missions 2
The Town Hall 3 5 Number of missions 3
The Town Hall 4 8 Number of missions 4
The Town Hall 5 12 Number of missions 5
Barracks 1 0 Infantry training times 1
Barracks 2 2 Infantry training times 2
Barracks 3 4 Infantry training times 3
Barracks 4 6 Infantry training times 4
Barracks 5 8 Infantry training times 5
Colosseum 1 0 Cavalry training times 1
Colosseum 2 3 Cavalry training times 2
Colosseum 3 6 Cavalry training times 3
Colosseum 4 9 Cavalry training times 4
Field of Mars 1 0 Archer training times 1
Field of Mars 2 3 Archer training times 2
Field of Mars 3 5 Archer training times 3
Field of Mars 4 7 Archer training times 4
Port 1 0 Navy training times 1
Port 2 2 Navy training times 2
Port 3 4 Navy training times 3
Port 4 6 Navy training times 4
Workshop 1 2 Decrease Industrial consumption 2%
Workshop 2 5 Decrease Industrial consumption 4%
Workshop 3 8 Decrease Industrial consumption 6%
Pantheon 1 1 Decrease Economic consumption 2%
Pantheon 2 4 Decrease Economic consumption 4%
Pantheon 3 7 Decrease Economic consumption 6%
Library 1 3 Decrease Cultural consumption 3%
Library 2 6 Decrease Cultural consumption 6%
Library 3 9 Decrease Cultural consumption 9%
Amphitheater 1 1 Increase general’s experience 5
Amphitheater 2 4 Increase general’s experience 10
Amphitheater 3 7 Increase general’s experience 15
Triumphal Arch 1 4 Decrease mission time 5%
Triumphal Arch 2 8 Decrease mission time 10%
Triumphal Arch 3 12 Decrease mission time 15%
3.4 Share
You can recommend this game to your friends, and you will get one African Conqueror Uniform when you share for the first time.
3.5 Expedition
You will lead the Roman Expeditionary legions, using limited forces, taking tactics and techniques to defeat powerful enemies. (Note: In the same chapter, the consumption of the Legion will be accumulated; the unit tactics of the Senate will also have an effect on the expedition. If the general dies in battle, he cannot continue to be used in subsequent battles. You have to start all over again. )
Each plot has a special role:
Headquarter: Players begin to read the rules, choose and replace the generals. (You cannot arrange your generals in other plots, just allowed in Headquarter)
Ordinary level: A small number of enemy forces, destroying all enemy forces to win
Elite level: More enemy forces, need to occupy key points to win
Rescue: Rescuing friendly forces and holding their positions. Arrived in the designated round to win
Boss level: A large number of enemy forces, need to occupy multiple key points to win. Will get chapter rewards after clearance
Barracks: Recruiting and replenishing troops, consuming honor points (gain from level clearance)
Tribe: Recruiting and replenishing special units, consuming honor points
Warship: Purchasing and replacing warships, consuming honor points
War Gear: Purchasing and replacing War Gears, consuming honor points
Blessings: Receive one blessings at random. Effective to the next battle. Consuming honor points
Each chapter has normal difficulty and hard difficulty. The first time you complete the hard difficulty, you can get a new commander's uniform. (Note: Star rating and exploration completion are related.)
The military uniform appearance could be changed in commander information interface.Every time you get a new uniform, the features that come with new military uniform will remain no matter whether the appearance is changed or not.

4. Cloud Archive
The Cloud Archive is used to inherit archives when replace devices. It should notice that the archive of each platform is not interoperable. For example, when an Android device is replaced with an Apple device, the cloud archive cannot be migrated.
Other points of attention:
1. You need to bind an account to play the game. The Apple version is bound to the Game Center account; the Google version is bound to the Google Play game account; the official package is bound to the WeChat or Alipay account.
2. There are two kinds of version in Apple Store: Chinese version and global version. Please pay attention that these two versions are not compatible. The downloaded version is different according to the region of the player device.
3. The game is an offline game, and the local archive may be abnormal due to player operations or device reasons. Uploading cloud archives in a timely manner can effectively prevent this situation from happening.
4. Local archives may be overwritten when switching between multiple accounts. Pay attention to in-game messages and upload cloud archives in time.

5. Video and Raiders
5.1 Beginner's guide
1.Campaign mode Introduction -- Great Conqueror: Rome:
2.Conquest mode Introduction -- Great Conqueror: Rome:
3.Senate Introduction -- Great Conqueror: Rome:
4.Commander Introduction -- Great Conqueror: Rome:
5.Units tactics Introduction -- Great Conqueror: Rome:
6.Morale Introduction -- Great Conqueror: Rome:
7.Fire damage and plague damage Introduction -- Great Conqueror: Rome:
8.Building Introduction -- Great Conqueror: Rome:
5.2 Stage guide
1. Campaign 1-1:Battle of Ticinus -- Great Conqueror: Rome:
2. Campaign 1-2:Battle of Trebia -- Great Conqueror: Rome:
3. Campaign 1-3:Siege of New Carthage  -- Great Conqueror: Rome :
4. Campaign 1-4:Battle of Utica -- Great Conqueror: Rome:
5. Campaign 1-5: Battle of Zama -- Great Conqueror: Rome:
6. Campaign 2-1: Spartacus Uprising -- Great Conqueror :Rome :
7. Campaign 2-2:Crassus's Attack -- Great Conqueror: Rome:
8. Campaign 2-3:March to the South -- Great Conqueror: Rome:
9. Campaign 2-4: Assist Crassus camp: End of Rebels -- Great Conqueror: Rome:
10. Campaign 2-4: Assist Pompey camp: End of Rebels -- Great Conqueror :Rome:
11. Campaign 3-1: Battle of Pyrenees -- Great Conqueror: Rome:
12. Campaign 3-2: Lepidus' Revolt -- Great Conqueror: Rome:
13. Campaign 3-3: Battle of Segovia -- Great Conqueror: Rome:
14. Campaign 3-4: Battle of Sucro -- Great Conqueror: Rome:
15. Campaign 3-5: Fall of the New Rome -- Great Conqueror: Rome:
6. Other
6.1 Game tips
6.1.1 About the favorability in Conquest mode
Swing countries(When it remains neutral, it will display in the diplomacy interface. Players could give it financial aid every turn according to the agreement.Volume of assistance is related to player’s income every turn.It will return to keep neutral when it has joined with player or fought against player for 10 turns.)
Rogue countries(When it remains neutral, it won’t display in the diplomacy interface.It will ask players for financial aid on random turns . Volume of assistance is related to player’s income every turn.It will return to keep neutral when it has joined with player or fought against player for 10 turns. )
Neutral countries(When it remains neutral, it will display in the diplomacy interface.Players could give it 2 fixed amount of financial aid according to the agreement every turn.And it will join with players forever when players have give it 10 fixed amount of financial aid .)
In Conquest mode, the countries that keep neutral will become allies when favorability with players reach 100 . When favorability reaches -100 , it will become enemy.
Invasion punishment: If players’ units stay in the territory of non-belligerent swing countries and rogue countries , favorability minus 5. For example, Swing Country A don’t join the war and its favorability is 0. Our units stay in its territory. In the next turn , the favorability between Swing Country A and us will be -5. Neutral countries won’t be effected by invasion punishment.
The favorability will change automatically: If our favorability with swing countries and rogue countries are not 0 , the favorability will add or minus 10 according to their camps.For example , our favorability with Swing Country B is -5 . Then in the next several turns , favorability will become -15,-25,-35 automatically. Our favorability with Swing Country C is 5. Then in the next several turns , favorability will become 15,25,35 automatically. Neutral countries won’t be effected by favorability that change automatically.
If we refuse to give rogue countries financial aid, favorability with them will reduce more. If we accept to give rogue countries financial aid, favorability with them will increase more.
6.1.2 Demolish buildings to return resources : Demolishhing annexe or Demolishhing city areas with annexe , it will give back 50% of economic cost of annexe. For example , Demolishhing city area -- barracks . If this barrack has a stable , then it will give back 50% of cost of the stable.
6.1.3 The judge of persistent buff : Some special units will trigger persistent buff after they use features to attack . For example ,Imperial Guard’s feature is Strike . when Imperial Guard attacks , it will judge attack first and then judge buff . So in the calculation of the first attack , the calculation of enemies’ defense is still 100%. Subsequent damage calculation make enemies’ defense drop 40%.
6.1.4 Generals in expedition mode could change troops : In the levels of expedition mode , if generals’ troops will be destroyed soon . You could click on headquarter in the expedition map to remove the general and put him to a new troop .
6.1.5 The targets in part of levels is to defeat a certain number of troops . If players find it hard to complete the target , you could consider to leave a few low level units points for enemies.It is more easy to defeat them .
6.1.6 Each building in the city will be upgraded once at most per turn , even if players have researched Crane Mechanics.
6.2 Questions from players
6.2.1 Commander: How many combo shots do cavalry without generals have?
Headquarter: One
6.2.2 Commander: When morale of the troops rise, what ability will be improved? How much will it improve?
Headquarter: Morale per level will change damage by 25%. It will only judge with the morale of attackers.
For example:
①When the morale level of attacker declines, actual attack force will be 75% of total attack force.
②When the morale level of attacker rises, actual attack force will be 125% of total attack force.
③When the morale level of attacker declines seriously, actual attack force will be 50% of total attack force.
④When the morale level of attacker is in chaos, actual attack force will become 0 and they can't move.
6.2.3 Commander: If we don't put generals to units at the beginning, creating 3 formations needs 2 turns. Why do we still need to wait for 2 turns when we have put generals to our units?
Headquarter: When we have put generals to the units, the effect will work in the next turns, but not the current turn.
6.2.4 Commander: Can the effect of Fasces of Power and Sentry be superimposed on each other?
Headquarter: Yes
6.2.5 Commander: Can area of effect be superimposed on each other? Such as the effect of Caesar and Hannibal's suits and the effect of Caesar and Hannibal's talents, can they be superimposed on each other?
Headquarter: No, the same units could only have one buff bonus.
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