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European War 6 - Graphic Tutorial
The game mainly consists of four modes: Campaign, Conquest, Challenge, and Multiplayer, supported with cloud archives and other functions.
1. Campaign
Campaign mode includes generals, princesses, training, items and game levels.
1.1 Generals
Generals are one of the most important components of the game. Various generals promote different combat effectiveness.
Players can possess 12 common generals and 3 in-app generals at most.
General quality is divided into four categories: gold, purple, blue and green. Players can buy their favourite generals in the Military School interface.
General’s ability is divided into two parts: basic combat ability and specialized combat ability. Basic combat ability means when a general commands any army of the service, he strengthens this army. Specialized combat ability works differently. Only when a general commands a specialized army can he improve the strength of this army. For example, a general who specializes in artillery ability only makes artillery army stronger. So when a general commands his specialized army he excels at, the army’s abilities will get combined increase from both basic combat ability and specialized combat ability.
The difference between generals is not only the above-mentioned abilities, the game also provides a wide range of general skills for the generals,which make every general distinctive. (Note: Halo skills can add up and strengthen army units as well as generals.)
Apart from this, players can improve generals’ ability by upgrading ranks, titles, or equipping items or medals.
Players can use medals to upgrade ranks, the general’s HP will be increased after upgrading. Generals with different qualities require the same amount of medals to upgrade ranks. ( Note: If players wish to continue upgrading, please click the next rank simply and there is no need to quit and enter again.)
Players need to accumulate experience from the battle before upgrading titles. Afterwards, they can use medals and gold coins to upgrade in order to promote the fighting ability and the upper limit of the skill level.
The way to gain medals and equipment will be mentioned later.
1.2 Princesses
Players can check possessed princesses and their skill levels in the Princess Interface. Princesses' upgrade needs tulips.
1.3 Training
Training can be used to enhance the army's attributes. Players must unlock the corresponding campaigns and then they can spend gold coins on upgrade to promote levels.
1.4 Items
Check possessed items, including equipment.
After entering the shop, players can buy items according to personal needs. Items in the shops will be refreshed randomly. (The same item is capped and will never refresh after reaching the upper limit.)
1.5 Game Levels
Game levels consist of tutorial levels (optional) and main story-line levels and subplots levels. The latter two are adapted from various classical battles and other historic events. Players can get a real war experience from main story-line levels.
There are rewards for accomplishments in the main story-line levels (the medal button is at the bottom left of the screen). Players can gain awards like equipment and princesses in the Scenario Rewards.
Players can be familiar with basic operations in the game through the tutorial levels and gain some awards after mission is completed. Of course, players can choose to skip the tutorial and start the game from the main story-line levels.
2. Conquest Mode
In the Conquest Interface, besides generals, princesses, training, and items, there are conquest levels, accomplishments, medal exchange, conquest journey and temporary archives.
2.1 Achievements
Achievements in the conquest mode allow players to gain equipment and general medals.
2.2 Medal Exchange
Players can exchange medals as they wish. Crown badge and eagle badge will be required to exchange medals which can be bought in item shop or gained in the awards of conquest. According to the different camps, players can get the corresponding badge.)
2.3 Conquest Journey
Conquest journey records historical events that occur during each round of the conquest.
2.4 Conquest Levels
In the conquest mode, there are different conquest levels for players to choose. Players can conquer the world by selecting different countries in different times. Countries are divided into one-star, two-star, and three-star depending on their strength and scale. The smaller the number of stars, the weaker the initial strength of the country,but players will get more points and awards after winning. There are 300 rounds in the conquest mode and 8 generals to assign at most.
3. Challenges
Challenges include daily missions,legendary generals and conventional challenges.
Daily challenges will refresh various missions for players to complete and a sufficient number of generals will be required. Various missions have different requirements on titles, skills and battle abilities. (Note:The refresh time is calculated by player's time to open the game and every new task takes 12 hours. Regardless of whether players has been completed previous missions already,new tasks will refresh on time.)
Legendary Generals: after completing the first level of a legendary general, players can unlock the right to purchase the corresponding general. After completing more levels of the general, they can get a 50% discount to purchase at most.
Conventional Challenge: there are three restrictions.Satisfying one condition when players pass the level gives one star. And gold coins and medals are rewarded after victory.
4. Multiplayer
Different platforms have different requirements for multiplayers. IOS users need to turn on bluetooth or WIFI, while Android users can only use bluetooth to play with others. Players can enjoy multiplayer battles according to the game guide.

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